“Simply stunning fully staffed villa with a pool that will make you feel like a film star"

    Mathilde T.
    January 30, 2017

    “Amazing villa”

    The villa is amazing, especially for a honeymoon! The view was more than perfect and the whole open house concept is great to enjoy the environment. Our experience was magical, especially the sunsets. Valinda, the house attendant was great, very discreet and her food was very good! We really enjoyed having our private house and discovering the wonderful island of St Lucia. Special thanks to Tania who took care of all the reservations for us. Everything went smoothly and we didn’t have to worry for anything. Thanks to all of that, our honeymoon was the best week of our life!

    Julia E.
    June 9, 2016

    “Dream villa, incredible view, relaxing holiday…”

    Our stay at the villa La Bagatelle was incredible and absolutely honeymoon-worthy! The villa was exactly as described and even better than we imagined in our pre-holiday dreams. The view is breathtaking, the best on the island, right there from the balcony – we just never tired of it! The villa is very well taken care of, cosy but stylish, the service is great (housekeeping, gardening and cooking is included – we opted for that every other day), the pool is just perfect for a refreshing dip when it gets too hot and the hammock and day bed are the best reading spots in the world. There are no windows, but it’s always warm and comfy and there are shutters in the bedrooms. Birds and frogs and crickets will sing you to sleep every night – bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

    Michael C.
    May 2, 2016

    “Comfortable inviting relaxing and luxurious.”

    My wife and I recently visited the island for a family wedding and stayed at the La Bagatelle rather than at a major resort. It was the best decision we made on the trip. The location is close to many areas of interest and some excellent beaches. The staff prepared delicious meals and the accommodations were spacious comfortable and a joy to come back to. Having the privacy to enjoy the spectacular view and relax with the option of using the pool is exactly what you dream of on a vacation.

    Loved St Lucia, La Bagatelle!
    August 6, 2017

    “Wonderful Experience”

    We loved the villa and everything about it – amenities, furnishings, artwork, staff, location, view – EVERYTHING! Along the way, we discovered a taxi company and several drivers whom we enjoyed using so immensely, I have to recommend considering them as drivers for the villa. Saint Lucia Luxury Taxi, 758-722-5559, on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stlucialuxurytaxi

    “Quaint Spacious Villa with the best view of the Pitons”

    This gorgeous villa was one of the few rentals with such a spectacular view of the Pitons and ocean that was awe inspiring. It was nearby to some of the top resorts on the island. We enjoyed the open concept with all the sights and sounds of nature especially at night while falling asleep. The bedrooms were clean, comfortable and spacious as well as the main living area. Even without air conditioning we felt comfortable. The pool was conveniently located on the upper level with a restroom nearby. The staff was most accommodating and did a wonderful job in caring for our needs. We had a most relaxing and enjoyable stay.

    David P.
    July 10, 2017

    “Just Fabulous”

    La Bagatelle is fabulous. Views of the Pitons and the sea could not be more stunning. This is our fourth visit to St Lucia and our second stay at this Villa. The staff is friendly and helpful. We’ll be back.

    Tony B.
    May 17, 2017

    Beautiful and wonderfully decorated. It has probably the most beautiful view on the island.
    We were able to have a very quiet and private stay. The house has a plantation charm with all the modern conveniences you need. The house feels part of the island so you didn’t feel the need to leave.

    Jill S.
    June 21, 2017


    Acclimatised and pampered by a week at East Winds Inn
    We drove south on Sunday after lunch excited to begin
    Our second week with Shuttleworths who’d invited us to stay
    In a place where they had been before… and here I have to say ….

    That I’d been told that it was wonderful, but really nothing could
    Have prepared me for the treats in store or warned me that I would
    Be so captivated by it all – and captured by the spell
    Of the extraordinary magic of – Villa La Bagatelle.

    So assured in its’ surroundings – perching high above the sea
    Two platforms – one above the other – which seem to blend quite naturally
    Into the landscape – like a painting – framed so beautifully by
    The Pitons – bougainvillea – vast expanse of sea and sky.

    From Soufriere the road winds steeply – door is open in the wall

    And there’s Vanessa and Aretha with a welcome for us all
    It’s oh so hot – but going down stone steps – a rush of cooler air
    And I stop – exclaim! – and catch my breath and simply stand and stare …..

    Gleaming dark wood floor – white panelling – the deck stretched out ahead
    Wrought iron railings – strong yet delicate – (a draped four poster bed
    Simply dwarfed by the proportions) – big deep sofas – Chinese lights
    Lovely paintings on the walls and so much space and blues and whites.

    At the far end there’s a hammock – graceful – swaying with the trees
    White muslin curtains – tied to railings – billow softly in the breeze
    And veil the swimming pool – blue water lapping – open to the sky
    Where on soft sunbed you can dream and watch a passing butterfly
    Or the tiny vivid humming birds that dart and swoop and drink
    From the flowers of bougainvillea – red and orange – purple – pink….

    That first evening it was good to see Elizabeth and Ray
    And for seven whole days the six of us could snorkel, feast and play
    And swim and read and drink rum punch and grapefruit juice with ice
    And sunbathe to our heart’s content. Quite simply – Paradise!

    On the lower deck our bedrooms and our bathrooms were a dream
    Four poster beds, fresh sheets and towels and flowers – Valinda heads the team
    Making sure that we are happy and that everything’s alright
    And all four of them apparently enjoying our delight!

    I shall not forget the magic of – Villa La Bagatelle
    And all those lovely smiling people who looked after us so well
    And how we lucky ’hangers on’ were made so welcome – had such fun
    And how beautiful it was – so thank you – thank you – EVERYONE!